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Electronics Research Lab

Electronic Circuits and Control Lab
 Courses that use the Electronic Circuits and Control Lab in Hicks 310 include ENGR 058 (Control Theory), ENGR 071 (Digital Signal Processing) and ENGR 072 (Electronic Circuit Applications).  The lab has PC workstations, oscilloscopes, signal generators breadboards and other equipment for building and debugging electronic circuits, as well as surface mount and through hole soldering stations.  The lab also has specialized hardware and software for exploring control systems and real time signal processing.
 Student projects developed in this lab include:
 * a gripper that is controlled by EMG (the electrical signal generated by a muscle),
 * a signal processing project that shifted the pitch of a singer in real time,
 * a power meter attached to the crank arm of a bicycle, and
 * a system built by students that can control the position of balances a ball on a flat surface by tilting the surface.