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Policy Change Announcements

  1. Given the College's CR/NC policy for Spring 2020 grades, the Department will count POLS courses taken in Spring 2020 towards its major requirements (i.e., it will waive its requirement of no CR/NC for Spring 2020 as a one-time exception). The Department, nonetheless, retains the right to seek the shadow grade for Spring 2020 for consideration of acceptance into the honors program or for other major/minor acceptance purposes (the student will be notified in case the shadow grade is being sought). 
  2. As of Class of 2022, to fulfill the senior honors study requirement, honors majors will revise a paper written for each one of the Department seminars. These three papers will be submitted to the appropriate external examiners as part of the honors evaluation process.   
  3. The Department announces that as of Spring 2021, only courses taught by POLS faculty (in other programs at the College) will be eligible for POLS designation/credit. This does not apply for courses taken outside the College.  
  4. As of Class 2023, the Political Science Department will no longer count any POLS-eligible courses toward any of its majors or minor fulfilments (i.e., a POLS-eligible course will not count as a credit toward any major or minor within the Department).   
  5. Beginning with the Class of 2023, both course majors and double majors in the department are required to complete 8. 5 credits in Political Science, including the senior comprehensive exercise. 
  6. Beginning with the Class of 2023, course majors, double majors,  honors majors, and special majors must complete one credit in each of the four subfields: American, Comparative, International and Theory.