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Upcoming Events

April 13, 2022 @ 7:30pm in Scheur Room (Kohlberg Hall) Speaker Event with Davidson College's Shelley Rigger

“The Tiger Leading the Dragon: How Taiwan Propelled China’s Economic Rise”

One of the great mysteries of recent decades is how China – a country without private property or business as recently as 1977 – became the factory to the world in less than 25 years. Rigger’s new book, The Tiger Leading the Dragon: How Taiwan Propelled China’s Economic Rise offers an explanation: Taiwanese investors enabled China’s export manufacturing boom by providing the PRC with capital, technology, business know-how, and connections to global supply chains. In the process, they transformed Chinese people’s daily lives, from popular music to religion to shopping. This talk will show how Taiwanese investors, professionals, and cultural figures helped shape the PRC economy and society.

The Political Science department regularly sponsors a variety of exciting events.  Every fall the Constitution Day Lecture is held, in which an eminent political scientist or legal scholar comes to campus and speaks to students about vital issues in American politics. We also invite a distuinguished speaker to campus to speak on a relevant political topic for the Charles Gilbert Lecture during fall.

Additionally, Political Science department hosts Brown Bag Lunch Series and Lunch with Faculty events. More details on the event pages.

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