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Dean of Students

Swarthmore College in the Fall

Department Overview

Welcome to Swarthmore!

This is a community that cares deeply about its members--their feelings, and their success; a community that values the complexities of its diversity and works to empower its students to weave themselves into the community's fabric; a community that will push its students to be thorough, see from other perspectives, debate vigorously, challenge claims of fact, and express ideas with precision.

Swarthmore scaffolds all of that pushing, challenging, and learning with multiple structures of support--support from peers, from faculty, and of course, from the Dean of Students Division. In particular, we encourage students to meet and talk with peer leaders such as the Student Academic Mentors (SAMs) to talk about study skills and time management; talk with their advisors, Professor Tomoko Sakomura, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, or Liz Derickson, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, about exploring possible majors; talk with Career Services about exploring possible careers or getting an internship over the summer; or talk to any of the deans about any issues, concerns, or questions students might have. An open door access policy exists throughout the Dean of Students Division, and each dean is generally available to any student for advice and consultation, interpretation of College policy, and appropriate referrals.

The Dean of Students Division warmly welcomes each student into our community of scholars. We value how much we have to learn from and about each other, and look forward to experiencing and supporting the intellectual and social contributions each student will make to the Swarthmore College community.

Ad Hoc Committee on Wellbeing, Belonging, and Social Life

A group of faculty, students, staff, and a member of the Board of Managers reviewed the College’s goals for student life and recommended ways that we can cultivate a student experience that is healthy, inclusive, and equitable. 

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