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The Data Governance Committee establishes and maintains oversight of Project Working Groups (PWGs), which will be designated to address specific issues or tasks of central importance to data governance. In establishing a PWG, the DGC will present it with a clear charge, a timeline, and expected outcomes. The DGC will appoint members (with advice and consent of supervisors and faculty appointment process), ensuring that they have the expertise, training, and resources needed to complete their tasks. It is expected that the PWGs will make recommendations to the DGC for changes to systems, coordination of data, subsequent projects, etc., that may result in changes to policies, practices, and priorities. While there may be multiple PWGs established at the same time, the DGC will prioritize and balance projects through the development and maintenance of an overall plan and will coordinate appointments with sensitivity to the impact on individual faculty and staff.

Examples of projects to be addressed by various PWGs include:

  • Addressing foundational needs such as mapping the system.
  • Assembling existing policies, identifying gaps, and creating new policies.
  • Creating a model for submitting requests/concerns for campus needs.