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Data Governance Committee

The Data Governance Committee (DGC) is responsible for reviewing, developing, coordinating, and communicating policies and decisions about College data and related technologies. With input from appropriate stakeholders, the DGC identifies and prioritizes projects that best support the work of the College in accordance with our guiding principles and ensures specific challenges are addressed by Project Working Groups.

This committee is responsible for:

  • Reviewing and establishing general guidelines and policies for data usage and access, and revising these guidelines and policies as necessary.
  • Sharing and promoting consistent and effective administrative data policies, principles, and best practices.
  • Appointing and supporting the Project Working Groups to focus on specific needs, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Developing and overseeing a process for handling requests for exceptions to these policies.
  • Helping to resolve conflict and confusion around data ownership and accountability.
  • Promoting the ethical, legal, and responsible use of data in institutional decision-making and operations in alignment with the College’s Mission.

Project Working Groups

The DGC establishes and maintains oversight of Project Working Groups (PWGs), which will be designated to address specific issues or tasks of central importance to data governance.

DGC Committee Membership

The Data Governance Committee is relatively compact in order to facilitate nimbleness in decision-making. To ensure that decision-making benefits from the breadth of perspective, members are appointed (in consultation with DGC co-chairs) by the President’s Staff, or in the case of faculty, the Committee on Faculty Procedures (COFP) with terms of at least two years to ensure continuity. The committee is co-chaired by the Director of Institutional Research and the Chief Information Officer, and includes five to eight additional members with representatives from:

  • Faculty member(s)
  • Registrar’s Office
  • Information Technology Services
  • Different areas of the College to include at least:
    • 1 Data Trustee
    • 1 Data Steward
    • 1 Data Custodian

Data Stewards appointed to the DGC are considered liaisons and will be responsible for sharing the committee’s work at regular meetings of the Data Stewards, and for bringing concerns and activities of the Data Stewards back to the committee.

The DGC will meet approximately six times per year, and the co-chairs will report to the President’s Staff to inform them of general progress, discuss significant policy changes and implications, present needs for resources, and share other issues of concern.

Data Governance Co-Chairs

Joel Cooper

Chief Information Technology Officer

Information Technology


  1. Phone: (610) 328-7679
  2. Parrish Hall W235
joel cooper

Robin Huntington Shores

Asst VP Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment

Institutional Research


  1. Phone: (610) 690-6879
  2. 101 S. Chester 208
Robin Shores

Data Governance Committee

Alan Baker

Professor of Philosophy

Department Chair


  1. Phone: (610) 328-8342
  2. Beardsley 211C
  3. Office Hours:

    Fall 2020 via Zoom. Day/time TBA.

Interests: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mathematics, Metaphysics
Ph.D., Princeton University. 

Alan Baker and Shogi board

Kim Fremont

Associate Provost for Administration

Provost's Office


  1. Phone: (610) 690-2051
  2. Parrish 212E

Dierdre Konar

Director of Advancement Systems

College Advancement


  1. Phone: (610) 328-8405
  2. 101 South Chester Road 418
Dierdre Konar

Robert Lopresti

Director, Finance & Adm Business Processes

Business Office


  1. Phone: (610) 328-8569
  2. 101 South Chester Road 126

Rhoni Ryan

Associate Director, AIS

Information Technology


  1. Phone: (610) 957-6047
  2. Train Station

Tomoko Sakomura

Dean of Students

Professor of Art History



  1. Phone: (610) 328-8119
  2. Parrish 108
Tomoko Sakomura

Lesa Shieber

Associate Registrar

Registrar's Office


  1. Phone: (610) 328-8297
  2. Parrish Hall 124