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Crum Creek Viaduct Replacement Project

In Spring 2015, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) began construction work to replace the Crum Creek Viaduct – known locally as "the Trestle" – on SEPTA's Media-Elwyn Regional Rail Line.

The Crum Creek Viaduct was built in 1895 and has reached the end of its useful life and requires replacement to ensure continued safe and efficient rail service for the thousands of Delaware County residents who rely on the Media-Elwyn Line every day.

Community members visiting the Crum Woods are advised to be aware of posted signs surrounding the construction site and to take proper precautions.

Restoration of the site and surrounding landscape will begin immediately following completion of the new viaduct.

Below is information from SEPTA about the project:

Construction Update No. 4 from SEPTA - June 2016

To complete the Crum Creek Viaduct Project, SEPTA has announced several significant changes to the Media-Elywn Regional Rail service, many of which will have an impact on the College community this summer.

Beginning June 20 and lasting until September 4, SEPTA will suspend westbound rail service (towards Media) from the Swarthmore station. The shutdown will allow construction crews to complete the replacement of the Crum Creek Viaduct, a project that began in the spring 2015. During the shutdown, construction crews will be working 24/7.

As a substitute for train service, four buses will be available each hour to transport passengers to and from Swarthmore and the affected stations (Wallingford, Rose Valley, Media, Elwyn). This will almost certainly lead to riders from thosestations driving directly to Swarthmore, so please be advised that parking may be more difficult than usual. Normal rail service will operate between Swarthmore and Center City.

Because of the service suspension, SEPTA will use a portion of the Swarthmore station as a temporary railyard where train cars are stored when not in use. If you see anything of concern on the tracks during this time, please contact Public Safety at 610-328-8281.

Additionally, each night during the shutdown, SEPTA employees will perform maintenance on approximately 20 train cars stored on the tracks. The maintenance work will create noise and disruption during the late night hours.These developments will be an inconvenience to many members of our community, but they are necessary for the safe travel of thousands of riders in our area.

More information about the summer rail service shutdown and the viaduct replacement project is available at

Construction Update No. 3 from SEPTA - February 2016

SEPTA will be adding a seventh day – Sunday – to their work schedule beginning Sunday, February 21. The work period will be the same as during the weekday – 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM – and will consist of the same type of work currently being performed. For the near-term, that work will continue to consist of rebar placement, forming and concrete pouring related to the construction of the piers and abutments.

Construction Update No. 2 from SEPTA – October 2015

Construction activities are continuing around the Crum Creek Viaduct project site and maintaining safety around the site has become a priority. Please remember that this is an active construction site and therefore the areas near and under the Viaduct are closed to the public. A portion of the trail that runs below the Viaduct, just north of the Holly Meadow, is currently closed. For safety reasons, it is important to keep away from the active construction site, which contains holes, large equipment, and exposed rebar. The site is marked with fencing and signage.

Recent activities include:

  • Contractors are drilling shafts down to bedrock and filling the shafts with concrete to create a stable base for the viaduct’s new piers
  • 1850s-era stone piers are being removed
  • A new camera was installed adjacent to the Smedley-Leiper Trail on the south side of the Viaduct and live footage from this webcam can be viewed on the Crum Creek Viaduct website

Construction Update No. 1 from SEPTA – April 2015

Site Access and Staging

Third-party contractors have started preliminary site access and staging preparation in advance of bridge construction work that will begin later this spring. With construction activities now underway, area residents and members of the college community will notice increased construction work and vehicle circulation on Rogers Lane, Turner Road and Plush Mill Road.

Major activities during the initial phase will include:

  • Construction of the temporary access road off of Rogers Lane down to the project construction site
  • Installation of protective mats to allow construction vehicles to safely travel over the existing sewer and gas lines running along Crum Creek
  • Establishing construction staging areas below the Viaduct
  • Installation of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection-approved temporary stream crossings

The project will also require the closure of a section of trail in Crum Woods. Effective Thursday, April 30, 2015, the portion of trail below the Trestle, just north of the Holly Meadow (Crumhenge) will be closed for the duration of the project. This is being done for public safety, and we are asking for the public's compliance with posted signs.

The temporary access road construction and other site preparation activities are tentatively scheduled to be completed by mid-June.

Further Construction Schedule

Mid-June 2015 – Spring 2016

Installation of new footings, piers and abutments. Media-Elwyn Line service uninterrupted.

Summer 2016

New girders, bridge deck, catenary towers installed and new track placed. During this stage, the Media-Elwyn Line west of Swarthmore Station will be taken out of service (approximately 10 weeks).

Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

Viaduct replacement scheduled to be completed – along with full rail service restoration – by Labor Day 2016. Complete removal of existing bridge and towers and removal of access road. Site and landscape restoration

For More Information

SEPTA's Crum Creek Viaduct Replacement Project | 844-277-8810 (toll-free) | website

Jeff Jabco, Chair of the Crum Woods Stewardship Committee | 610-328-8294

Removing stone piers

October 2015 update: Contractors are removing 1850s era stone piers from the original viaduct.


October 2015 update: Contractors are setting reinforcing steel before pouring concrete to create a shallow footing for Pier 2 North.

New fencing

October 2015 update: New fencing is installed along the Smedley-Leiper Trail.

October 2015 update: Contractors are removing 1850s era stone piers from the original viaduct.

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