Crum Woods Stewardship Committee

examining the flora at Crum Woods

The Crum Woods Stewardship Committee (CWSC) of Swarthmore College is charged with recommending policies on the uses of the Crum Woods to the College community.

Committee Membership 2017-18:

  • Tristan Cates ‘20
  • Won Chung  '18
  • Amos Frye ‘19
  • Ryan Dougherty, Senior Writer-Editor, Communications
  • Maurice Eldridge ’61
  • Stuart Hain, Vice President of Facilities and Services
  • Tessa Hannigan ‘20
  • Jeff Jabco, Director of Grounds & Coordinator of Horticulture for the Scott Arboretum (Committee Co-Chair)
  • Sue MacQueen, Community Outreach Coordinator, Scott Arboretum
  • Liz Nichols, Assistant Professor of Conservation Biology (Committee Co-Chair)
  • Gustavo Oliveira, Community Diversity Fellow, Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
  • Lars Rasmussen, Horticultural Staff, Scott Arboretum
  • Claire Sawyers, Director of the Scott Arboretum
  • Christy Schuetze, Associate Professor of Anthropology
  • Melita Schmeckpeper, Scott Arboretum Education Intern
  • Melissa Tier '14, Coordinator of Sustainability
  • Aurora Winslade, Director of Sustainability


The Crum Woods Stewardship Committee was formed by Provost Jennie Keith in October, 2000 as an ad-hoc committee of faculty, students, and administrators. In December, 2000, the committee established the following goal statement: "Our goal is to create a protection, restoration, and stewardship plan for Crum Woods. The planning effort will begin with an evaluation of biodiversity, teaching and recreational resources in the context of the College's educational mission and its commitment to social responsibility. The committee will develop the plan in collaboration with College faculty, staff, and students as well as stakeholders in surrounding communities, and will engage the services of professional experts."