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About Commencement

Dear Swarthmore Families,

Every Commencement at Swarthmore College is special, but this year is particularly significant, as the Class of 2014 claims distinction as the College's sesquicentennial class. Throughout this historic year we have had - and will continue to have - many opportunities to reflect on Swarthmore's history, values, and mission. Commencement, however, presents an opportunity to think about the College's future.

To me, our future is not about buildings or programs - it's about people, specifically the young people who on June 1, along with their families and friends will celebrate the completion of a Swarthmore education. When I hand out their degrees and shake their hands, I will think not just about their achievements so far but about the wonderful things they will accomplish with the skills they learned and the knowledge they acquired here. I'm fully confident that your sons and daughters will make significant contributions to the common good in our nation and around the world - indeed, some already have.
I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to you and your sons and daughters as we prepare for Commencement for the Swarthmore Class of 2014. As I hand our remarkable students their degrees in the beautiful Scott Outdoor Amphitheater in June, I will share your deep sense of pride in all that they have accomplished during their time with us.

This web site provides you with the information you will need to plan for various Commencement activities scheduled for May 30 through June 1.

I am sure you are proud - as well you should be - of those whose accomplishments we will celebrate      June 1. Know that Swarthmore College is proud to have played a role in preparing your sons and daughters not just for the next steps in their lives and careers but for all their future endeavors. I look forward to being with you as we recognize Swarthmore College's Sesquicentennial Class of 2014. Congratulations.


Rebecca Chopp