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Budget Calendar and Deadlines

Below is the timeline for the 2019-2020 budgeting process. Please click here, if you desire a PDF version of the calendar. 

Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget Calendar*

Board of Managers Meetings September 21-22, 2018
FY 2019-2020 Budget Call November 27
Board of Managers Meetings Nov. 30-Dec. 1
Budget Submission tools training/re-training December-January

New position requests/position adjustments due to HR

(Approval from Senior Staff member required)

January 11, 2019
FY 2019-2020 Budget submissions due January 25

Initial review of budget requests/

Summary distributed to President and Senior Staff

Late January
President's Staff Retreat Late Jan./Early Feb.
Board of Managers Meetings
(Establish Revenue Budget)
February 22-23
Meetings with Senior Staff to review/prioritize budget requests March-April

Board of Managers Meetings

(Approve 2019-2020 Operating Budget)

May 10-11
2019-2020 Operating Budget - Communication to Senior Staff by May 17
2019-2020 Operating Budget - Communication to Financial Managers by May 24
New Fiscal Year July 1
Budget uploaded to Banner July-Early August

* College Budget Committee (CBC) meetings will be arranged for November, December, January, February, March, and April.