Social Responsibility

Committee Members

  • David Singleton, Chair
  • Janet Smith Dickerson, Vice Chair
  • Alexander Baugh**
  • William Boudling
  • Benjamin Berger**
  • Mehra Den Braven '20**
  • John P. Chen
  • Janet Erlick
  • ​Pam Harris**
  • Jim Hormel*
  • Tania Johnson**
  • Vincent Jones
  • Lucy Lang
  • Bennett Lorber
  • Tamsin Lorraine**
  • Lourdes Rosado
  • Simran Singh '19**
  • Melissa Tier**
  • Aurora Winslade**
  • Xiaojing Zheng '19**

The chair of the Board is an ex officio member of every committee.

* Emeriti manager

** Non-board member

Committee Charge

The Committee on Social Responsibility is charged with reflecting upon the College's commitment, in association with the fulfillment of its institutional mission, to prepare and motivate students to engage issues of social responsibility facing our communities and societies and to set their own paths as responsible citizens toward shaping a more inclusive, just, and compassionate world. The committee will suggest, encourage, evaluate, and facilitate the development of internal community practices, educational programs, and institutional outreach initiatives, which build on the distinctive strengths of the College in meeting these ends. As the College's work in these areas progresses, the committee will likewise reflect upon what the College and it have achieved - the objectives it has defined and related problems and accomplishments - and prepare accounts of that experience that might be helpful to other institutions with similar goals.

The Committee shall be composed of Managers, Officers of the College, members of the faculty of the College, members of the staff of the College, students of the College, and representatives of the Alumni Council, the number of members in each category to be determined by the Board from time to time. The Committee will report its deliberations and recommendations to the Board, to other committees of the Board as appropriate, and to the campus community.

Staff to contact for meeting agenda, questions: Liz Braun, Dean of Students