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Admissions and Financial Aid

Committee Members

  • William Boulding, Chair
  • Cathryn Polinsky, Vice Chair 
  • Sean Decatur
  • Lia Haskin Fernald
  • Lauren Glant
  • Marilyn Holifield
  • Jane Lang*
  • Edgar Lee
  • Sabrina Martinez
  • Corey Mulloy
  • Asahi Pompey
  • Tom Spock

The chair of the Board is an ex officio member of every committee.

*Emeritus board member

**Non-board member

Committee Charge

The Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid is responsible for reviewing and revising, as necessary, admissions and financial aid priorities of the College with a view toward admitting a diverse body of students who have the academic, critical thinking, and other necessary skills to thrive at Swarthmore, benefit from the education provided, and use their training and experience to become innovative and ethical leaders committed to making a difference through their careers and in their communities.

Working closely with the appropriate College staff, the Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid shall:

(i) review the effectiveness of admissions policies and practices;

(ii) establish guidelines to evaluate the growth in scholarship expenditures relative to overall resource allocation;

(iii) examine current needs of enrolled and prospective students;

(iv) review the financial implications and effectiveness of financial aid policies on a regular basis; and

(v) monitor the College's admissions and financial aid policies compared with its peers.

Staff to contact for meeting agenda, questions: Greg Brown, Vice President for Finance and Administration