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Human Resources


The twofold mission of the Human Resources department is (1) to attract and retain highly qualified and diverse faculty and staff, which is critical to maintaining our academic standard of excellence, and (2) to retain and develop a talented workforce while providing the best possible employee workplace experience. In pursuing its mission, the department is guided by the core values of honesty and transparency. We are committed to affirming the dignity of all people, serving as advocates for staff and faculty at all levels, encouraging staff to develop the requisite skills for professional development, advocating for the understanding of all perspectives, and supporting the resolution of conflict.


  • Design and implement marketing and recruitment strategies that enable the College to cultivate a positive workplace and inclusive community where employees have opportunities to develop both personally and professionally in healthy, fun, intellectual, and respectful ways.
  • Develop a workplace in which employees have opportunities to grow personally and professionally—a welcoming, healthy, and engaging community in which employees feel supported and their work valued and recognized.
  • Regularly review compensation at all levels in order to make adjustments necessary to ensure that salaries are competitive and that employees are being compensated equitably and in accordance with clear and consistent guidelines.
  • Within the College’s budgetary framework, ensure a wide-ranging and comprehensive benefits program that offers employee options and that responds to the needs of their well-being.
  • Assess and make improvements to the department’s operations by regularly evaluating the various processes and making appropriate use of new and relevant technologies, and keeping employees sufficiently informed of regulatory changes that may affect them.