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Articulating Effectiveness Goals

Academic departments and programs, support and co-curricular departments, and other administrative departments have goals that are not directly related to student learning. Our success at reaching these goals are crucial to the effectiveness of the College.

Articulating these goals and objectives clarifies for ourselves and others what we are trying to accomplish, and this will in turn help us in prioritizing, directing our activities, planning, and evaluating our progress. Articulating goals for your department or unit is essential and should be done before any consideration of assessment.

Refer to the sections on Goals and Objectives in "Assessment Basics" (link on the right).

The following presentation covers the basics of assessment (aimed at administrative departments, but concepts apply to academic assessment as well) and the Swarthmore process for Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness.

Below are some resources and examples for articulating goals and objectives:

Co-curricular program and student affairs areas:

Administrative areas: