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Crossley Recipients List


Tanya Hoke , Asian Studies major " China's New Virtual World"

Angelina An Li Seah, minor in Japanese, "Her Story" Gender and Same-Sex Relations in Contemporary Japan"


Emma Kalb '06 , Honors minor in Asian Studies, "The Nautch Girl, in Print and on Film"


Emma Kalb '06, Honors minor in Asian Studies,"Movement and Meaning: Performing Kathak in a World of Flux"


Lan Le '04, Double major in Asian Studies and Biology, "Possibility and Liberation in Card Captor Sakura Through the Subversion of Normative Sex, Gender, and Social Expectation"

Sarah St. Vincent '04, Honors Honors course major in AsianStudies, "Taking Refuge: Buddhist Ethics Regarding Intimate Violence"


Kim Lucas "Xun Dai: The Search for a Generation"


Tanyaporn Wansom , "Taking a Holistic View of the Chinese-American health Care Experience."

Hung Le "The Cao Dai Sect and Ho Chi Minh's Marxist Movement."


Andrea Wong, "When Shanghai Became Monochrome: Japanese Aggression and Press Censorship, 1932-1941"

Rebecca Schultz, "Between the Fifth and Sixth: Jiang Wen's In the Heat of the Sun"

Chika Watanabe "Overcoming the Eclipse: Bonpo Tibetan National Identity in an Exile Community"


Joseph Scheier-Dolberg, "Reconstruction, Restoration, and Representation: The Resurgence of Tibetan Buddhism in China"

Gabriel Cumming, "Belief Systems and Environmental Conflict in Chom Tong, Thailand"


Jessica Lynn Harbour, "Creating Chinese Nationalism: The 1905 Shanghai Mixed Court Riot"


Sonia Downing, "Balinese Music: Modal Transformations"

Cecilia Tsu, minor in Asian Studies, "Protestant Missionary Ideology and the Chinese in Nineteenth-Century California"


Steven Chang, Asian Studies Major, "A Comparative Study of the Nationalist Movements in Taiwan and Korea under Japanese Colonialism during the Taisho Period"

1996 />

No Award.

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Heather D. Blair , Asian Studies Major "Towards an Integration of Art and History: Women, Sex, Money, and the Romance of Prints of Edo (1600-1800)"


Andrew Jon Peterson , Double Major in Asian Studies & Economics, " Chinatown's New Clothes: An Overview of the Chinese Immigrant Owned Garment Industry in New York City, 1965-1994"

Joshua D. Rosenzweig , Honors Major in Asian Studies "A History of Western Interpretations of the Chinese Cultural Revolution: Towards a Fourth Generation of Scholarship"


Rita Burgos "Breaking the Boundaries of Activism: Representation and the Filipina Prostitute"


Larissa Heinrich, Asian Studies Major "Illness, Cross-Dressing and Women in Dream of the Red Chamber"

Helen Schneider, Asian Studies & History Major, for a one-credit senior thesis on "Beyond the Home: Christian Education of Women in China, Ginling College for Women, 1915-1951"


Ann Kelleher , Asian Studies Major, for a one-credit senior thesis on "Zhao Shuli and Twentieth Century Chinese Literature"

Chris Potter, Asian Studies Major, for a one-credit senior thesis on "Moral Education in Mass Social Movements: The Confucian Legacy"

Julius Tsai, History Honors Major, Religion Minor, for "Taiwanese Americans: Creating an Ethnic Identity"


Lisa Byrne , Asian Studies Major, "Cries of Frustration and Fear: The Ongoing Conflict Over Democracy in China"

Ewan Park , "The Mongol Expansion: A Question of Historical Approach"


Chang-Tai Hseih/> , "Interest and Morality in Peasants and Revolutionaries"

Matthew Wise, " Vajradhatu Buddhism: A Tibetan-American Mandala"


Anne Blackburn, "The Evolution of Sinhalese Buddhist Identity: Reflections on Process"