Frequently Asked Questions

Alumni Online Community

Any changes that you make to your personal record in the Alumni Online Community are automatically sent to the Alumni Records Office. Those changes will then be made in the College's database. Contact the Alumni & Gift Records Office if you have questions.

This Alumni Online Community is a newer tool for the College and we are still working out the bugs. Things may not work as smoothly as we would like right away but we want to know what is not working for you. Please reach out to if you have any trouble, feedback, frustrations, or concerns.

Who can access the Online Community?
The full resources of the Online Community can be accessed by Alumni, current students, active staff, and active faculty.  Friends of the College are welcome to create an account.  However, Friends of Swarthmore College will only be able to update contact information and preferences to facilitate event registration.

How do I create a new account in the Online Community?
To learn how to create a new account in the Online Community, you can click here to watch the instructional video or click here to read directions on how to create a new account in the Online Community.  

What if I requested my information stay private in the old Online Community or in Evertrue?
We will continue to honor all requests to suppress entire profiles or specific information. If you opted out of the previous Alumni Online Community tool, we have opted you out of this new Alumni Online Community. The Alumni Online Community gives you options to hide all or some of your information. If you are concerned, we suggest creating a profile and reviewing your privacy settings. You can opt out of the Alumni Online Community entirely or hide specific information, such as address or employer. 

Can I select which information I would like to remain private?
Yes. Anything in your profile can be hidden or revealed. Once you create a profile and update your information you'll be able to review your privacy settings. Hiding or showing information is as easy as checking a box.

Additionally, we will never display your full street address or email address in the Alumni Online Community. Your address will only display city, state, and nation. If you elect to allow fellow alumni to contact you through the Alumni Online Community they will only see your email address if you respond to their message. 

Where did my class or affinity discussion group go?
We have moved the discussion groups from the previous Online Community to the Alumni Office. A complete list of class, affinity, and location-based discussion groups and social media pages are available

What happens if I forget my password? 
Once you create and verify your profile via an active email account, you will be able to reset your own password. Click "Forgot Password" on the login page and a password reset link will be emailed to you. 

Does the Alumni Online Community work on my mobile device?
Our new Alumni Online Community is both mobile and web browser compatible. It should look and feel the same no matter what device you use it on.

Does this switch affect my lifelong email forwarding? 
Yes, any email address will need to be re-registered in this new Alumni Online Community. You can do this once you've verified your profile.

The process to either re-register or set up a new email address is the same. Log into the Alumni Online Community and click the "Home" link on the top right of the page. Under your name in blue on the right will be "Update my profile" and "Email Forwarding" with an email icon.  As a reminder, your address is not an actual inbox, but a forwarding system. Replying to mail sent to your will come from your real email account.

Once I re-enroll in email forwarding, do I need to do anything else? 
If you have kept the same email alias as before, you will not have to do anything else. Once you have re-enrolled and confirmed your email address, all emails sent your address will be sent directly to you. 

Can I change my email alias (the portion before I don’t want to use the one I had before.
Yes, just be sure to share your new email address with anyone who had the old one: Facebook, your credit card company, or grandma are all good examples.

How can I get better search results when I search the Alumni Online Community?

Note: Be as specific as possible as the Directory only returns the top 500 results.

  • Search for a range of class years by using a dash (–) between two distinct years,  shown here: 1990–1993.
  • Search for multiple options under one category by listing criteria separated by a space to combine the results of each search word. E.g. "Education Economics", will search all Education majors AND all Economics majors and will combine the results in one alphabetical list by last name. 


Please contact with further questions.