Placement, Credit, and Registration

Receiving Credit for Study Abroad

Full information on all aspects of off-campus study, including credit, is available in the Off-Campus Study office, located in Cunningham House.

Swarthmore students study abroad both during the academic year and over the summer, but these are managed differently.

  1. To receive Swarthmore credit for academic year study abroad, students must participate in the College's semester/year abroad program. Full information on what this involves, including procedures for receiving Swarthmore credit for study abroad, is available in the Planning Guide prepared by the Off-Campus Study office. Copies of the Planning Guide can be obtained on request at the Off-Campus Study office, and the Planning Guide can be accessed as well through the College's website. The credit procedures of the semester/year abroad program are routine, straightforward, and not time-consuming for students. The Off-Campus Study office leads each semester/year abroad student through these procedures, pre-departure and upon return, individually. Almost all Swarthmore students who participate in the semester/year abroad program receive full Swarthmore credit for their work abroad, that is, four units of Swarthmore credit per semester abroad.
  2. Summer abroad is outside of the semester/year abroad program. Procedures for receiving credit for summer study abroad are the same as for summer work done domestically. Information on these procedures can be obtained from the Registrar's Office website on transfer credit.