Work Life Initiatives - Matchbox Grand Opening Winners

The Committee for Work Life Initiatives promotes health and wellness through a variety of activities, including offering incentives for participation in wellness programs.  The committee participated in the grand opening of The Matchbox by offering healthy snacks and raffling off fitness-centric giveaways, including free personal training sessions, gym totes, yoga mats, and work-out attire.  Please see below for our recent winners:

The Matchbox Grand Opening Raffle Giveaways:

Tara Webb LPAC Staff
Matt Donaghy 2018 Student
Rose Maio Soc/Anth Staff
Rodrigo J. Hernandez 2015 Student
Randy Frame Communications Staff
Laurie Stellars 2015 Student
Eva Morgan EVS Staff
Ann Reuther Engineering, Physics & Astronomy Staff
KellFreeman EVS Staff
Joe Havens Facilities and Services Staff
Karen Borbee Physical Education Faculty