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The College distributed an additional 50 Fitbits this fall and we are looking forward to our March Madness program.

For those who have received a Fitbit from Swarthmore College or own a Fitbit, you'll want to continue reading!

As part of the Get to Steppin' program through Swarthmore College, you can join the Swarthmore College - Get to Steppin’ activity group through the Fitbit interface. To join, all you need to do is email with your request and the email address that should be invited. Weekly information and motivational emails will be sent out to all members of this group and there will be periodic daily and weekly step challenges. Our Get to Steppin' participants will also be encouraged to actively participate in a campus-wide competition amongst faculty and staff of Swarthmore College beginning in March to see who will average the most steps during this time period. Prizes large and small will always accompany all of the challenges and we’re very excited to have you participating in this great opportunity at Swarthmore College.

For questions or concerns, contact Terri Maguire.