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Fall Schedule

Students working together at one of the many Wizard sessions

Traditionally Wizard sessions are available on select evenings in Singer 221 and 222.  Each evening of the week is designated for a specific class or classes as indicated in the schedule.  For the Fall 2023 semester, we will have in-person study sessions for E11, 17, and 19.  You can find the information for these sessions on the respective course syllabi and Moodle pages.  Please contact the Engineering Academic Support Coordinator, Sarah Chang, if you have questions or special requests (such as getting a tutor or arranging additional support).

Engineering Department Wizard Schedule
Course Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday friday
ENGR 011 7 to 9 pm
SH 222
ENGR 017




7 to 9 pm
SH 222
ENGR 019   7 to 9 pm
SH 222