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Engineering SAMs (eSAMs)

The eSAM (engineering Student Academic Mentor) program was established to help first-year engineering students transition to life at Swarthmore. Specially selected and trained eSAMs serve as important peer resources, providing help and guidance on engineering-related concerns. Additionally, the eSAMs, mostly sophomore- and junior-year engineering majors, organize ice-breaker events, study breaks, peer-advising nights, and group outings.

E5 Ball Drop a Success

The Engineering 2013 class is off to an amazing start with their first E5 group project — The Tennis Ball Drop. The objective was to drop a tennis ball from the roof of Hicks and have it travel as far as possible to Trotter. Students were restricted to using only specially supplied materials, including tduct tape, a plastic bag, a foam "fun noodle", and a wooden dowel.

The winning team made ingenious use of duct tape by fashioning it into a zip line that stretched all the way from the roof of Hicks to the back steps of Trotter.