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you lover you

how about the subtle silence can you handle it that slices air so warm it has no shape & the intertwining of toes this must be so difficult for you though you probably leave your socks on do you look into the corner of the room & avert her gaze & ignore all the lovelyrics when you tie her red-&-black checkered scarf around your naked neck can you look at her & laugh how do you do with your face up in her breasts when she pulls you up there do you know when your lips become dry & sticky together do you celebrate & share exploring nerves do you grow scared when your eyes lock for too long or have you mastered your lovemaking face by now can you handle it when she kisses your nose can you handle it when you kiss her nose & when she leaves saying something about philadelphia & tomorrow & now leaving does it feel right to kiss her back & afterwards can you lie in your sheets by yourself you lover you

Nat Sufrin will begin his second year at Swarthmore College in the fall. He plans on spending his summer mowing lawns, clearing brush, and filling asphalt for the Village of Glencoe, IL. His favorite food is water.