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Swarthmore Literary Review

Perspective of looking straight up from the bottom of a tree trunk up to the leaves against the sky.

Department Overview

Welcome to the new online home of The Swarthmore Literary Review! We were overwhelmed by our first year of submissions, which included poems of various genre and poets from around the world. Our selections were equally diverse, spanning past and present Swarthmore College students, as well as representatives from many different literary communities. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our effort, working to bring in closer proximity groups of talented writers and their work.

"The Open Door will be the policy of this magazine-may the great poet we are looking for never find it shut, or half-shut, against his ample genius! To this end the editors hope to keep free from entangling alliances with any single class or school. They desire to print the best English verse which is being written today, regardless of where, by whom, or under what theory of art it is written. Nor will the magazine promise to limit its editorial comments to one set of opinions."

— Harriet Monroe, 1912
(The first mission statement for Poetry Magazine)

Founded in May 2008 by Rahul D'Silva '08, Justin diFeliciantonio '10 and Johanna Bond '10.