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Mentor Information

Pictured above are the Mentors from Summer 2018 & Summer 2019

Read more about the Swarthmore Summer Scholars program here.

Summer 2023 Mentor Information

Mentor Requirements and Expectations

Student Mentors WILL:

  • Receive a full summer stipend, and precludes other summer stipends from Swarthmore
  • Be available every day from July 17 - August 29, 2023, including evenings
  • Impact the lives of 16 incoming Swarthmore First Years
  • Serve as a teaching assistant in the areas of Math, Writing, and Lab Science
  • Work with our own Swarthmore Faculty and be a peer tutor
  • Be trained by faculty and staff prior to the beginning of the program that starts on July 31st

This is a full-time, intensive position. Mentors are expected to support and comply with a substance-free program (i.e., no drugs or alcohol).  All Mentors will receive a stipend of $5,500.  You will be working full time during this time so you cannot hold another position during the dates above.  The stipend is the same as summer opportunity stipend on campus and reflects the level of responsibility expected from students in this position. If you have another paid position for the summer, it cannot be for dates that overlap with this program. As a Mentor, you are also eligible to live in Swarthmore summer housing for the duration of the program.

  • Open on January 17th
  • Close on February 10th at 4:00 pm EST.
  • Consist of - responding to questions on the application, submitting a transcript and resume, and seeking recommendations from two sources (at least one Swarthmore Faculty Member, but not a fellow student or a member of the S3P teaching team for this summer)
  • The class of 2023 is not eligible for Student Mentor positions
Subject Area Detail
  • S3P will hire a total of six Student Mentors for this summer, two each in the areas of Math, Writing, and Lab Science.

    • For Lab Science Mentor positions (Computer Science focus), we are seeking students who have taken at least one CS course and are willing and eager to learn about data science tools.
    • For Math Mentor positions, we are seeking students who will have completed Math 15 and Math 25. 
    • For Writing Mentor positions, strong writing skills are required and must be demonstrated with an applicant's writing sample. Experience as a Writing Associate or SAM is a plus.
    • For all positions, we also are looking for students who have experience working as resident assistants (RA), Tri-Co summer resource persons (SRP), student academic mentors (SAM), or peer mentors on or off campus. Students need not be STEM majors or minors to apply to be a mentor if experience is sufficient.

Questions about this application process should be directed to Corey Falls at