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How Do I... ?

Get an intern or externship?

Intern and externships are opportunities to build a resume and explore career options. Stop by Career Services in Parrish 135 to talk with a career counselor or call 610-328-8352 to make an appointment.

Find a volunteer opportunity that matches my interests?

Visit the College's Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility, which helps students, faculty, and staff to put their ideas to work. Staff at the Lang Center provides support in the form of advice and guidance, space for meetings and events, transportation resources, as well as funding for projects and internships. The heart of the approach to social responsibility at Swarthmore is the high energy and deep commitment that its students, faculty, and staff bring to it.  The Lang Center encourages everyone on campus to be involved with both local and global communities, for reciprocally enriching relationships.

Get to the Philadelphia airport?

The easiest way to get to the airport is to take the Media/Elwyn train to Center City Philadelphia from campus to University City Station in Philadelphia. From there, you can connect with the airport train that terminates at the airport. Taxi service from Swarthmore to the Philadelphia airport is also available. The fare is approximately $30.00 and the trip takes about 20 minutes. Call County Cab at (610) 626-4221. Taxis from the airport to Swarthmore are plentiful. During breaks, the student van coordinator advertises and makes airport runs for a reasonable fee.

Start a new group?

There are currently over 100 student clubs and organizations on campus. If you do not find an organization to suit your interests, you have the opportunity to form a new one. To register, a group should apply for a charter with Student Council. A student group must have a charter to be eligible for either assigned campus space or funding from the Student Budget Committee.

Host a show on WSRN?

WSRN 91.5 FM, Swarthmore's student-operated radio station, is one of the largest student groups on campus. More than 100 student DJs keep the station live on the air 24 hours a day at 91.5 fm. Show applications are accepted at the beginning of each semester; find them here.

Plan an event on campus?

The Office of Student Activities is poised to help you plan your event. After selecting a date, time, and location, explore the many funding sources on campus including the Student Budget Committee, Social Affairs Committee, Forum for Free Speech, Student Council, or other student organizations, and academic departments. Reserve any equipment you might need, and then let everyone know what you have planned. Questions? Let us know!

Become a resident assistant?

RAs create community, both in their halls and across campus, and work to build the thriving "hall culture" that characterizes residential life at Swarthmore. They serve as advisers and facilitators, activities coordinators and cheerleaders, diplomats and confidantes, and liaisons to the College administration. more