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Interim Measures

A. Overview

Upon receipt of a report of sexual misconduct, the College will impose reasonable and appropriate interim measures designed to eliminate the reported hostile environment and protect the parties involved. The College will maintain consistent contact with the parties to ensure that all safety
and emotional and physical well-being concerns are being addressed. Interim measures may be imposed regardless of whether formal disciplinary action is sought by the complainant or the College.

A complainant or respondent may request separation or other protection, or the College may choose
to impose interim measures at its discretion to ensure the safety of all parties, the broader College community, and/or the integrity of the investigative and/or resolution process.

All individuals are encouraged to report concerns about failure of another individual to abide by any restrictions imposed by an interim measure. The College will take immediate and responsive action to enforce a previously implemented measure.

B.  Range of Measures

The College, at its discretion, will implement interim measures with potential remedies that which may be applied to the complainant and/or the respondent, including:

  • access to counseling services and assistance in setting up an initial appointment, on and off campus;
  • imposition of an on-campus “no-contact directive”;
  • rescheduling of exams and assignments;
  • providing alternative course completion options;
  • changing class schedules, including the ability to transfer course sections or withdrawal from a course without penalty;
  • changing work schedules or job assignments;
  • changing a student’s College-owned housing;
  • assistance from College support staff in completing housing relocation;
  • limiting an individual’s or organization’s access to certain College facilities or activities pending resolution of the matter;
  • voluntary leave of absence;
  • providing an escort to ensure safe movement between classes and activities;
  • providing medical services;
  • providing academic support services, such as tutoring;
  • College-imposed leave or separation; and/or
  • any other remedy that can be tailored to the involved individuals to achieve the goals of this policy.

C.  College Imposed Interim Suspension or Leave

If either the president or the dean of students decides at any point that the safety of a student or of any member of the College community is at stake, an interim suspension may be imposed on a student who is suspected of violating the Student Code of Conduct (as outlined in the Student Handbook), any rules, regulations, or procedures of the College, or otherwise poses a risk of safety to the campus, until the time student conduct resolution, disciplinary action, or a hearing can be completed. This action assumes no determination of responsibility and the student conduct process will be held as soon as possible.

Similarly, the College may impose leave for any employee. Such leave will be structured at the College’s discretion.

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