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Staff Advisory Council By-Laws

The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) serves in an advisory capacity to the President and the Vice President of Human Resources. Its primary function is to serve in a listening and communicating capacity on behalf of both staff members and the College administration. Activities within the scope of the SAC are:

  1. to hear issues of general staff interest and concern and to bring such matters to the attention of the President and the Vice President of Human Resources to ensure that such issues and concerns are known, considered and addressed;
  2. to facilitate the sharing of information with staff members in order to improve their general knowledge and understanding of College activities;
  3. to refer staff issues or questions to the attention of other College individuals or committees whenever appropriate to ensure that the issues are known and addressed through appropriate College channels;
  4. to offer suggestions and recommendations to the President and the Vice President of Human Resources on general issues of interest and concern to staff, and to generate ideas for organizational improvement;
  5. to address agenda items or undertake specific projects or activities at the request of the President or the Vice President of Human Resources on matters of general staff interest;
  6. to suggest College committees where staff membership and participation would be appropriate and useful, and to recommend to the President the names of staff members to serve designated appointments to those and standing committees when openings exist.

    Activities outside the scope of the Staff Advisory Council include:

    1. to address individual staff members' grievances
    2. to address issues more appropriately addressed through other offices or standing committees of the College, such as the Equal Opportunity Office or the EO Advisory Committee; the College Budget Committee, the College Planning Committee, or the Faculty/Staff Benefits Committee, although the Staff Advisory Committee may refer issues to such offices or committees
    3. to serve as a formal governing or negotiating body for staff members; rather, its role is advisory in nature.

SAC Structure & Activities

  1. SAC will consist of staff members elected, or volunteer, from each of the locations on campus known as "circles".  All circles should be roughly equivalent in size in terms of the number of staff in each circle; occasional review and reconstitution of the circles will be undertaken to ensure no circle is unreasonably large or small.
  2. All benefits-eligible employees with at least one year of service and able to serve a three year term, with the exception of Senior Staff members, are eligible for membership. 
  3. Members will be elected, or may volunteer, on a rotating basis to serve a three year term.  Members are eligible to serve two consecutive three-year terms.  If there are no volunteers, the membership opportunity will be filled through an "open call" process to all staff. 
  4. If a SAC member resigns during their term,, SAC may host an Open Call for volunteers to serve.  If there is more than one person interested in membership, a special election may be held. 
  5. SAC will meet at least three times in the fall semester and at least three times in the spring semester, but may meet more often if warranted.
  6. At the first meeting of each academic year, the elected members will select a moderator and a secretary (or secretarial committee).

    Duties of SAC moderator include:

    1. Scheduling SAC meetings and notifying members of meeting times and locations;
    2. Coordinating the compilation of agenda items in consultation with the members of the SAC and the Vice President of Human Resources;
    3. Distributing the agenda at least three days in advance to SAC members;
    4. Facilitating the SAC meetings
    5. Serving as the "point person" for SAC in communicating information to the President and other appropriate administrators, offices, or committees.

    Duties of SAC secretary (or secretarial committee) include:

    1. taking summary minutes of the SAC meetings;
    2. within one week following each meeting, distributing draft minutes to members of the SAC for their review and approval;
    3. within two weeks following each meeting, distributing approved minutes to the general staff constituency, via e-mail wherever possible and hard copy for posting for staff who do not have e-mail access
    4. in the absence of the moderator, convening the SAC and serving as alternate moderator
    5. in cooperation with Human Resources, coordinating the annual election process, including updating circle membership lists, distributing ballots, and tallying votes.
  7. The model for SAC activities and discussions will be based on consensus as a means of formulating collective ideas and recommendations.
  8. The Vice President of Human Resources and the Equal Opportunity Officer will attend all meetings in an "ex-officio" capacity. At the request of any individual member, the moderator may convene an executive session at which only elected members are present. The expectation is that such sessions would be warranted only on rare occasion and will be announced in the agenda prior to the meeting.
  9. SAC will meet with the President-ideally once per semester, but no less than once per year-to convey and receive information of interest and concern to staff.
  10. SAC will facilitate general staff meetings open to all staff members-ideally at least once per semester, but no less than once per year-to convey and receive information of interest and concern to staff. Content topics for such general staff meetings will be developed in concert with the Vice President of Human Resources and the President or other administrators, as appropriate. SAC will be mindful of special scheduling considerations for staff in such areas as dining services, public safety, and environmental services, in order to facilitate their inclusion in general meetings, or the provision of alternate opportunities, to every extent possible.
  11. The SAC will support the efforts of the Human Resources in facilitating the College's employee relations events such as the annual Staff Service Recognition Program and community social events.

v. 09/19/17

Revised bylaws 04/19/22