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Guidelines for Poster Session Abstracts

Please write a one-page (max) abstract of your research and save it as a PDF. See Microsoft Word Template (link below) for formatting.  Also, for the booklet we will need a Screen shot or graphic of your poster. We will use some of these in the design of the booklet.

We will make a booklet out of these descriptions that will be delivered to various academic departments. Sorry for all the format instructions -- but the end result is a professional collection of abstracts. 

Formatting Instructions

You can use this Word template or you can format it yourself. Please use a 1" margin at the top, and 0.75 inch margins otherwise. For the body text, use Times Roman font (or equivalent), size 12. Put one line between your paragraphs and do not indent the first line.

Your title should be bold size 14 font centered 1 inch from the top. Put your name and your advisor's name in bold size 12 Times Roman, centered just below the title. Put the location where you did the research below that, also centered in bold size 12 Times Roman. Put your email address centered below the location in plain text (not italics) size 12.