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Sigma Xi

The Scientific Research Society

Department Overview

Mission Statement

Sigma Xi is an internationalmultidisciplinary  community of science and engineering professionals dedicated to research excellence, to promoting public engagement with science, and to fostering the next generation of researchers. Through the recognition and honor of induction, Sigma Xi members join a distinguished community of researchers. The principal benefits of membership are:

  1. The pursuit of excellence along with equally passionate colleagues
  2. The chance to "pay forward" to our profession through a career of
    • Active encouragement of, and participation in, research
    • Maintaining this community of excellence
  3. The ability to voice concerns and offer direction with informed evidence on critically important issues nationally and beyond, and
  4. The opportunity to "pay back" for your gratifying career through mentorship and support of our profession 

Sigma Xi membership is a competitive advantage that helps one position for success. Sigma Xi offers members professional development training, leadership opportunities, and access to a myriad of necessary career development resources.

Membership is free for the first year (see the Membership page for membership information and an application). An additional benefit of membership is a free subscription to the magazine American Scientist.

You can read more about the mission of Sigma Xi on the website of the national organization.