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Off-Campus Partners

"Friends of Title IX" Sliding Scale Community Organization

Other Community Organizations

  • Congreso
    Strengthening Latino communities, includes domestic violence services
    Phone: 215-763-8870
  • Courdea (formerly known as Menergy)
    Philadelphia-based intervention, treatment, training and education program working to stop harmful behavior and intimate partner violence
    Phone: 215-242-2235
  • Delaware County Victim Assistance Center
    Provides accompaniment and advocacy to those who have experienced trauma through sexual assault and other serious crimes, as well as community education and awareness
    24 Hour Sexual Assault Victims Hotline: 610-566-4342
    Crime Victims Law Project: 610-566-6463
  • Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County
    Provides safety, advocacy and supportive services to victims of domestic abuse
    24 Hour Crisis Hotline: 610-565-4590
    Phone: 610-565-6272
  • HATIWG (Healing & Trauma-Informed Working Group) Philly
    Establishing transformative justice surrounding interpersonal violence/abuse
  • Mazzoni Center
    LGBTQ health & well-being
    Phone: 215-563-0652
    Legal: 215-563-0657
  • Men’s Center for Growth & Change
    Counseling, educational, and support services for men, their families, and the community
    Phone: 215-564-0488
  • WAA (Women Against Abuse)
    Services for people experiencing interpersonal and domestic violence
    Phone: 215-386-1280
  • William Way LGBT Community Center
    LGBTQ+ wellness support
    Phone: 215-732-2220
  • Women in Transition
    Offering intersectional services for domestic violence, substance abuse, and poverty
    Phone: 215-564-5301
  • Women’s Law Project
    Legal center devoted to protecting and expanding the rights of women and LGBTQ folx 
    Phone: 215-928-9801