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Stephen Golub (1953-2020)

Franklin and Betty Barr Professor of Economics



Steve Golub

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Recent works:

Formal and Informal Enterprises in Francophone Africa:  Moving Towards a Vibrant Private Sector, edited by Ahmadou Aly Mbaye, Stephen S. Golub and Fatou Gueye (Ottowa, CA: International Development Research Institute), 2020.

Potential and Constraints for Developing Countries’ Exports of Health Foods and Nutraceuticals: Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, and Nepal (with Alaina Chen '21, Zachary Lytle '21 ,and Parker Snipes '21). 2020 Link to document.

"Benin's Informal Trade with Nigeria" (with Aly Mbaye) Chapter 8 in Benin Institutional Diagnostic, edited by Francois Bourguignon et al, Economic Development and Institutions, 2019.   Link to chapter.

“Constraints to Employment Creation in Africa,” (with Aly Mbaye, Fatou Gueye, Jorge Tello ’20 and Laura Chen ’19), Chapter 7 in Creating Decent Jobs: Strategies, Policies and Instruments, edited by Celestin Monga, Abele Shimeles nd Andinet Wodemichael, African Development Bank Policy Research Document 2, 2019. Link to chapter.

"The Federal Reserve's Dual Mandate and the Inflation-Unemployment Tradeoff" (with Ayse Kaya, Mark Kuperberg and Feng Lin '18), Contemporary Economic Policy, 2019.  Link to article

“Can Africa Compete with China in Manufacturing?” (with Janet Ceglowski, Aly Mbaye and Varun Prasad ’16), The World Economy 2018. Link to article

"Export Diversification in Land-Locked Asian Developing Countries," (with Kazuatsu Shimizu '19 and Anastasia Vasilyeva '18), Report to UNCTAD, October 2017.  Link to paper

"Promoting Economic Diversification and International Competitiveness in Angola," with Varun Prasad '16, paper prepared for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), 2016.  Link to paper.

"Labor Market Regulation in Sub-Saharan Africa with a Focus on Senegal," (with Hanyu Chwe '15), DPRU Working Paper 201505, 2015.  Link to Paper.

“Informal Cross-Border Trade and Smuggling in Africa,”  Chapter 10 in the Handbook on Trade and Development, edited by Oliver Morrissey, Ricardo Lopez and Kishor Sharma 2015. Link to book.

“Employment, Unemployment and Underemployment in Africa,” (with Faraz Hayat ‘14)  Handbook of Africa and Economics, edited by Justin Lin and Celestin Monga, 2015. Link to paper.

"Policies, Prices and Poverty: The Sugar, Vegetable Oil and Flour Industries in Senegal," (with Aly Mbaye and Philip English), World Bank Policy Working Paper WPS 7286, June 2015. Link to paper.

“Uzbekistan’s Cotton Value Chain,” (with Stephanie Kestleman’16), report prepared for UNCTAD, May 2015.  Link to paper.

"What Were They Thinking: The Federal Reserve in the Run-Up to the 2008 Financial Crisis," (with Ayse Kaya and Michael Reay), Review of International Political Economy, 2014.  Link to paper.

"The Urban Informal Sector in Francophone Africa: Large Versus Small Enterprises in Benin, Burkina Faso and Senegal" (with Aly Mbaye, Nancy Benjamin and Jean-Jacques Ekomie), Development Policy Research Unit Working Paper 201405, December 2014.  Link to paper. 

"Fishing Exports and Economic Development in Least Developed Countries" (with Abir Varma '14), Paper prepared for UNCTAD, February 2014.  Link to paper

"Entrepot Trade and Smuggling: Nigeria, Togo and Benin," The World Economy, 2012. Link to paper.

"Informal trading networks in West Africa: The Mourides of Senegal/Gambia and the Yoruba of Benin/Nigeria," (with Jamie Hansen-Lewis '10) Chapter 8 in Nancy Benjamin and Aly Mbaye with Stephen Golub et al, The Informal Sector in Francophone Africa: Firm Size, Productivity and Institutions, 2012. Link to chapter.

"Smuggling and the Informal Sector in West Africa", Chapter 9 in Nancy Benjamin and Aly Mbaye with Stephen Golub et al, The Informal Sector in Francophone Africa: Firm Size, Productivity and Institutions, 2012. Link to chapter.

"Does China Still Have a Labor Cost Advantage?" (with Janet Ceglowski),  Global Economy Journal, 2012, available as CESifo Working Paper No. 3579, September 2011. Link to paper

“Defining and Measuring Green FDI,” (with Philip Yeres ’11 and Celine Kauffman), OECD Working Papers on International Investment 2011/2, June 2011. Link to paper

“Development and Trade Strategies for Least Developed Countries,” (with Arielle Bernhardt ’12 and Michelle Liu ’11) paper prepared for UNCTAD, March 2011. Link to paper

"Openess to Foreign Direct Investment: An International Comparative Analysis," The World Economy, 2009. Link to paper

"National Trade Policies and Smuggling in Africa: The Case of The Gambia and Senegal," (with Aly Mbaye), World Development, 2009. Link to paper

"Horticulture Exports and African Development," (with Jeffry McManus '09) UNCTAD report, October 2009. Link to UNCTAD document.

"Measures of Transport Costs in OECD Economies," (with Brian Tomasik '09), OECD Economics Department Working Paper No. 609, May 2008 . Link to paper

"OECD's FDI regulatory restrictiveness index: revision and extension to more economies," (with Takeshi Koyama), OECD Working Paper No. 525, December 2006. Link to paper

"Export Competitiveness and Development in LDCs :Policies, Issues, and Priorities for Least Developed Countries," (with Stephen O'Connell and Wenxin Du '08) UNCTAD, 2008. Link to paper [pdf]

"How Low are Chinese Labor Costs in Manufacturing?" (with Janet Ceglowski), World Economy 2007.

"Globalization and Country-Specific Service Links," (with Ronald Jones and Henryk Kierzkowski), Journal of Economic Policy Reform 2007. Link to paper

"Measures of Restrictions on Inward Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries," (with Qing Ling '07) report to UNCTAD, 2006. Link to paper

"International Productivity Differences, Infrastructure, and Comparative Advantage," (with Stephen Yeaple) Review of International Economics, 2006.

"South Africa's International Cost Competitiveness and Exports in Manufacturing" (with Lawrence Edwards), World Development, August 2004.

"Policies and International Integration: Influences on Trade and Foreign Direct Investment", (with Giuseppe Nicoletti et al), OECD Economics Department Working Papers No. 359, June 2003. Link to paper

"Measures of restrictions on inward foreign direct investment for OECD countries", OECD Economics Department Working Papers No. 357, June 2003. Link to paper

"Obstacles and Opportunities for Senegal's International Competitiveness: Case Studies of the Peanut Oil, Fishing and Textile Industries" (with Ahmadou Aly Mbaye), World Bank Africa Region Working Paper Series No. 37, September 2002. Link to paper

"South African Real Exchange Rates and Manufacturing Competitiveness" (with Janet Ceglowski), South African Journal of Economics, September 2002.

"Unit Labor Costs, International Competitiveness, and Exports: The Case of Senegal" (with Ahmadou Aly Mbaye), Journal of African Economies, May 2002.

"Are International Labor Standards Needed to Prevent Social Dumping?", Finance and Development, December 1997. Link to paper

"Towards a System of Multilateral Unit Labor Cost-Based Competitiveness Indicators for Advanced, Developing, and Transition Countries" (with Anthony G. Turner), IMF Working Paper No. 97/151, November 1997. Link to paper

"International Labor Standards and International Trade", IMF Working Paper No. 97/37, April 1997. Link to paper


Selected older articles

"The Processing of Primary Commodities: Effects of Developed Country Tariff Escalation and Developing Country Export Taxes," (with J.M. Finger), Journal of Political Economy, 1979.  Link to article.

"Oil Prices and Exchange Rates," The Economic Journal, 1983.  Link to article.

"International Capital Mobility: Net Versus Gross Stocks and Flows," Journal of International Money and Finance, 1990.  Link to article.

Blogs and Popular Articles

"Creating good jobs in Africa: demand- and supply-side policies" (with Aly Mbaye) World Bank Jobs and Development Blog, August 2015. Link to blog.

"How the interplay between large and small informal firms affects jobs in West Africa" (with Nancy Benjamin and Aly Mbaye) World Bank Jobs and Development Blog, March 2015. Link to blog.

"What were they thinking? The Federal Reserve in the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis" (with Ayse Kaya and Michael Reay) VoxEU, September 2014. Link to blog.

"Not So Absolutely Fabulous" The Economist, November 1995. Link to article.


Econ 1 - Introduction to Economics
Econ 51 - The International Economy
Econ 54 - Global Capitalism since 1920
Econ 151 - International Economics Seminar