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Gigi Simeone

Health Sciences Advisor

Student Affairs


  2. Phone: (610) 328-8589
  3. Parrish Hall W125
Gigi Simeone

Gigi Simeone began working at Swarthmore in 1996 as the Health Sciences Advisor. Seven years later, she added pre-law advising to her responsibilities. Gigi now provides information and advising to current students and alums interested in law school or in schools for the health-professions - medical, veterinary, dental, nursing, and public health. She helps guide them through the application process, and for applicants to health-professions schools, writes letters of recommendation.

"I really enjoy getting to know the students and alums," Gigi says. "It's very exciting when they have happy results at the end of a long and arduous application process. Our students are remarkable and I know they will do extraordinary things and really make a difference in the world."

Gigi has worked in college student services since 1975, her entire professional life. She started in residential living at the University of New Hampshire and then went to University of Pennsylvania, where she eventually became director of residential living, in charge of a system housing 7,500 undergraduate and graduate students. While at Penn, Gigi completed her doctoral studies and was awarded a Ph.D. in higher education administration by the University. She received a bachelor's degree from Wellesley College and a master's of education from Boston University.

Gigi is always happy to meet with current students and alums individually. "I tell students and alums that, if they have questions or concerns, to please schedule an appointment, email me, or drop by my office in Parrish West 125," she says. Gigi also available to answer questions from prospective students and their parents.