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Print Job Submission

You can submit your requests via email to or by following the directions below.

Using the Print Submission Form

  1. Prepare the black and white or color documents you wish to copy by converting them to a PDF.
  2. Fill in the appropriate submission form, making selections for the services you wish to apply to your order:
    1. Print submission form for faculty & staff (requires authentication)
    2. Print submission form for students and all other customers
  3. Upload your PDF document(s) as an attachment at the bottom of the form.
  4. Click the Submit button to complete your request. Your document will automatically be submitted to Print Services for printing.

To discuss detailed requests, email Bernadette Colburn at

Submission Notes

  • Hard Copy Submission:  Please make sure that all submitted documents are photocopy ready by removing all staples, making sure all pages are uniform in size, and securing any tape on the originals.
  • Copyright Policy:  Print Services does not copy from books.  Any copyrighted material must be photocopy ready and must be accompanied by permission from the author or publisher.  Please refer to the Swarthmore College Copyright Policies for more information.