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Register to vote for midterm elections

April 12, 2019

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

Although neither congressional nor presidential elections will take place in 2019, across the country elections for mayors, judges and other local officials will be held later this year.  With the Pennsylvania primary scheduled to occur on May 21, I write to share important information from Swarthmore’s Get Out the Vote Committee. The committee is working to increase student participation in our democracy through voter registration and voting in all primary and general elections. ​Remember: vote twice a year, every year if you are eligible.

Thank you for your commitment to civic engagement.


Valerie Smith

* * * * *

Do you have a voting strategy?

You can make one in three easy steps!

Yes, there are U.S. elections in 2019, and you can help determine their outcomes. Many municipal and other local offices are up for grabs this year, including important contests like the Philadelphia mayor’s race. Every vote counts.

The deadline for registering in Pennsylvania before the primary is Monday, April 22.

The Pennsylvania primary is Tuesday, May 21.

Make your 2019 voting strategy now by following these three steps:

Register to vote.

Check your registration status online if you’re not sure if or where you’re registered. If you haven’t yet registered but are eligible to do so, sign up. Voter registration is free! The address you use will dictate where you are allowed to vote. If you choose to vote in Swarthmore, use your dorm address, not the College mailing address. Visit for the complete lowdown on voter registration.

Learn About Your Ballot.

Local elections matter! Check out and to find out who the candidates are where you vote.

Prepare to vote. Find a Voting Buddy!

Find a friend and hold each other accountable for voting in person or absentee. If you aren’t able to vote in person because you’ll be away from campus or away from your home voting location, you can participate in absentee voting. If you’re voting in person, set up a reminder on election day to vote and check in with your buddy.

Be registered, be prepared, and have a plan.

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