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Visiting Scholars

Epsilon Chapter also hosts, from time to time, Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholars. Their lectures are free and open to the public.

Visiting Scholars
Year Name Hosting Department
2019-2020 Richard Alley Biology


Natasha Trethewey English
2017-18 Stephen Walt Political Science
2016-17 David Weiman Economics
2015-16 None  
2014-15 Gregory Petsko Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry
2013-14 None  
2012-13 Lewis Hyde English Literature
2011-12 None  
2010-11 Lisa M. Pratt Physics and Astronomy, Biology
2009-10 None  
2008-09 Betty Smocovitis Biology
2007-08 Jim Sheehan History
2006-07 Gus Solomons, Jr. Music and Dance
2005-06 none  
2004-05 George F. Bass Classics
2003-04 Graham Fleming Chemistry and Biochemistry
2002-03 None  
2001-02 Richard Saller Classics
2000-01 Wallace Broecker Engineering, Environmental Science
1999-00 Thomas Schelling Economics, Political Science
1998-99 Mimi Koehl Biology
1997-98 Patricial Spacks English Literature
1996-97 None  
1995-96 Paula Giddings Women's Studies, Black Studies, English Literature
1994-95 Linda Seidel Art History
1993-94 Leon Henkin Mathematics
1992-93 Dwight Perkins Economics, Asian Studies, Political Science
1991-92 Clifford Grobstein Biology, Public Policy