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The Peter van de Kamp Observatory is on the roof of the Science Center on the Swarthmore campus.

campus map

Note the public parking lot (#17 on the map) next to the Science Center, off of Whittier Place. It is easily accessed via the north entrance to campus, off of Elm Ave. You can supplement this map with the annotated map on the department site.

Once you have parked in the lot, you will see the side of the science center in front of you:
building facing lot

Walk along the left side of the building:


You should be able to see the telescope dome on the roof to your right:

Go in the door under the over-hang:

The stairs and elevator are on your left, just inside the entrance to the building:
stairs and elevator

Go up the stairs or elevator to the third floor. Turn left and you will be facing an unmarked door at the end of the hall. Go through that doorway and out onto the roof. Walk to your right, and you will see the door to the observatory dome around the corner.

General directions to campus are available on the Visitor's Dashboard. Some mapping software will get you directly to our parking lot via Dupont Parking, Swarthmore, PA 19081.