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Why the New Dash?

Thank you for taking time to review the Dash. Changes made because of thoughtful feedback from the campus community include accessibility improvements and adjustments to the color palette, events information, and the scroll function, among others.

Why the new design? The previous Dash was not responsive and did not reflect a mobile-first design, a standard requirement for all College websites. In addition, a 2020 campus survey indicated strong and explicit support from students, faculty, and staff members for a redesigned, streamlined Dash that would be less cluttered and congested.

The new design provides the ability to hide and arrange sections, and includes expanded and consolidated information for menus, search, hours, transportation, and more. The new Dash also makes information from across campus easier for contributors to manage.

This project kicked off in February 2021 and is a collaboration between ITS and Communications. We will continue to refine the new Dash and work with our campus partners to make sure the information included is useful and easily accessible. If you have any questions, please let us know at

Submissions Welcome

The Communications Office invites all members of the Swarthmore community to share videos, photos, and story ideas for the College's website. Have you seen an alum in the news? Please let us know by writing