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Watch: Students Deliver Final Pitches in Annual SwatTank Competition

SwatTank, Swarthmore’s premier innovation competition, offers students the opportunity to “take a rough idea, product, or concept and develop it toward its next incarnation, ideation, or realization,” through workshops, coaching with Center for Innovation and Leadership (CIL) staff, and alumni mentorship.

At this year's event, held in April, both the overall competition and Audience Choice award were won by the team of Elisha (Seoyoon) Bae ’26, Suhyeon Abby Hong ’27, Yaejie Kwon ’27, and Aiden Park ’27 for NudgeBudge, a "mobile app designed for college students that helps manage and maintain healthy habits by seamlessly integrating them into daily campus life." 

Second place went to the trio of Bayarjavkhlan Bayanmunkh ’25, Mya Chuluundorj ’26, and Aashish Panta ’26 for RUSH, a "mobile application designed to significantly enhance navigational experiences for individuals with disabilities by incorporating locations of accessible entrances into a digital map."

Third place was awarded to the team of Andrew Henin ’25, Theron Mansilla ’24, and Olivia Medeiros-Sakimoto ’25 for their work on Chants,  "a platform that consolidates the fragmented pieces of activism" by combining event organization, livestreaming, outreach and promotion, mass communication, and other tools that are invaluable for social protest movements. 

The other finalists included the team of Arys Aikyn ’27, Germain Hirwa ’27, Carson Lin ’27, and Jaehoon Son ’27 for Sortify and the trio of Matthew Fleming ’27, Arthur Wang ’27, and Thaniel Illuzzi ’27 for TigerBoost.

The judges for the event were Assistant Professor of Computer Science Vasanta Chaganti, Associate Vice President for Campus Services Anthony Coschignano, and Zack Ontiveros ’11, a group product manager at Google DeepMind.

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