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Watch: My Favorite Place

On a gorgeous afternoon that signaled spring at Swarthmore, we asked students to share their favorite place on campus. In true Swattie fashion, their answers run the gamut of the College experience — from secret pockets of solitude to spaces where best friendships bloomed to havens of high-tech. Here, students share their reasons for favoring a particular spot, many of which may just surprise you. Check out more favorite places at the campus tour. Have your own favorite place? Let us know!

Jin Amy Jin ’15, mathematics and computer science, Olympia, Wash.

I really like the swimming hole section of the Crum Creek. I remember feeling particularly anxious when I returned to campus at the beginning of junior year and taking a trip there. The sun was just the right level of intensity, and the water cooled my skin -- the perfect complement. When I left, I was completely relaxed. For some reason, that memory really sticks with me. I also walked down a good length of it last winter when it was frozen over, which was a lot of fun. It's a nice way of kind of removing yourself from campus without having to go very far.

Capron Christopher Capron ’15, psychology, Santa Monica, Calif.

I like the climbing tree, especially sitting at the top of it. I seem to have great luck running into people I know up there, and I have really enjoyed writing and reading in it for many classes. It reminds me of spring.

Madarasz Emma Madarasz ’15, English literature and philosophy, Mendham, N.J.

I would have to say that my favorite place on campus is the section of the Crum directly under the train tracks. I have had so many awesome memories there with new friends and old friends! Particularly, some of my favorite friendships have formed from a night when ten near-strangers and I decided at The Graduate screening that we wanted to go swimming in the creek. It was literally one of the most Swattie moments of my time here, a spontaneous adventure in the middle of the night! Overall, the Crum is an awesome place to walk when my parents bring my dogs for a visit. I've had so many picnics there and even bonded with my dorm team of resident assistants at an awesome bonfire during orientation.

Lastarria Wynter Lastarria ’15, psychology, Bronx, N.Y.

My favorite spot on campus is the Kid Lab, a cognitive development laboratory in our Psychology Department. We have infants and toddlers coming in all the time, so the office is filled with fun toys, a plush jungle-patterned rug, and a comfy bright orange couch. It is so soothing to be in that environment while working out the kinks in your research, and our adorable participants give us so much energy!

Fialkow David Fialkow ’15, political science and psychology, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

My favorite spot on campus is probably right at the foot of Magill Walk near the train station. It seems a bit random, but for me it's great in that it sits at the edge of the “Bubble.” You can look up from there and see a good portion of the college, and it almost seems like a completely rural campus, but you can also turn around, and your train into Philly is right there. You get the best of both worlds.

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