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Watch: Celebrating Community

Last semester, the imagINe project brought together students, faculty, and staff to inspire others about the impact each individual can have in the world. The project, supported by a community development grant, combines portrait photography by Adam Mastoon with text and artwork by members of the Swarthmore community.

"We envision the project as helping us to recognize and appreciate the amazing attributes we all bring to this place," says Vice president for Human Resources Pamela Prescod-Caesar, who proposed the project. "  In all, 24 participants had the opportunity to tell their story through a combination of text and portrait photography.

For Margaret Bost '17, from Denver, Colo., the powerful thing about sharing stories was the way an individual’s experiences translated to a broader understanding of community. “Learning these things really not only makes you think about that person. You think, ‘Well, what are all the other things about everyone else that I don’t know?’”

The imagINe project debuts on campus on Fri., Mar. 27. From 12:30 - 2 p.m., a panel discussion of participants and designers will take place in Science Center 101. Following the discussion and launch of the imagINe project website, photography from the project will be on view in Eldridge Commons.  

Watch: imagINe project

Submissions Welcome

The Communications Office invites all members of the Swarthmore community to share videos, photos, and story ideas for the College's website. Have you seen an alum in the news? Please let us know by writing