Trio Ivoire Performs Three Characters

Trio Ivoire's distinctive music has far-reaching roots in American jazz, European classical music, and West African polyrhythm. The group's music features a marriage of the classical piano with the traditional African balafon and sanza, complemented by modern drums and electronics. The result is an original, contemporary sound that transcends both musical and geographical boundaries. Trio Ivoire is led by renowned German jazz pianist Hans Lüdemann , acclaimed as "one of the most original and expressive European pianists" by Jazz Podium. Aly Keita, from Cote D'Ivoire, plays the balafon and sanza in the musical story-telling tradition of the griots with subtle overtones of modern jazz. Dutch drummer Chander Sardjoe connects and contrasts Lüdemann's piano and Keita's balafon and sanza with grounded percussive beats. Together, the three musicians create an unconventional sound that unites seemingly disparate musical traditions.