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Title IX Coordinator Bindu Jayne Recognized for Promoting Equality

Bindu Kolli Jayne

Main Line Today: 2018 Women on the Move: Bindu Kolli Jayne

What is the measure of success? Is it a title, units sold, dollars earned, the number of lives changed for the better? For 20 women in Philadelphia's Main Line and western suburbs, success is about pushing boundaries, making their voices heard and following their passions.


From an early age, Jayne was drawn to the concept of equality. In college, she found herself gravitating toward a law degree. “The interplay between the law and education is a really interesting space,” she says. “It’s a space where you can really effect change around overwhelming topics like diversity, equity, and sexual violence.”

In the wake of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, there’s never been a better time to tackle those issues—especially on a college campus. “It’s really exciting to work in a place where the whole point of the organization is to foster free thinking,” Jayne says. “It’s a small enough community where you can hopefully see change in a faster way.”

Jayne also wants to ensure that student voices are heard. “I’m doing this work so my daughter only knows a world and an environment that sees her for all of the boundless capabilities she has—and so hopefully she will never be part of an environment where she feels like she may be victimized,” says Jayne.

In her role as Title IX coordinator, Bindu Jayne oversees the College’s centralized review, investigation, and resolution of reports of sexual assault and harassment and gender-based inequity. She advises individuals about the courses of action available at the College, both informally and formally, and provides assistance to any College community member regarding appropriate responses to reports of sexual assault and harassment. She also partners with colleagues across campus, providing a vision and leadership around Title IX issues, ensuring that the campus climate is equitable, safe, and welcoming for all members of the Swarthmore community.

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