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Sonny Sidhu '09: Small Teams, Big Impact

Sonny Sidhu: Visualizing Media Futures Symposium

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Sonny Sidhu (@Sonny_Sidhu), a game designer and scholar based in Cambridge, Mass., graduated from Swarthmore with a B.A. in film and media studies in 2009. He is currently a master's student in the comparative media studies program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In his talk, Sidhu addresses three areas of potential - research, pedagogy, and outreach - and examines how interactive media development initiatives can advance the diverse yet complimentary interests of students, educators, institutions, and the general public. His talk included live demos of several recent interactive projects developed by small, student-led teams, examples and descriptions of which can be found on MIT's Imagination, Computation, and Expression Labratory website. 

Sidhu spoke as part of Visualizing Media Futures, a symposium held last fall to bring faculty, students, and alumni together with innovators, educators, artists, and media professionals to explore digital media at the intersection of science and technology, art and design, humanities and the public sphere. This symposium is presented by the Department of Film and Media Studies and the Institute for the Liberal Arts.

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