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Seniors Shine in First-Ever Virtual Showcase

Every year, the Senior Showcase provides a space where the Swarthmore community comes together to learn from senior projects from across all three divisions. Despite the move to a virtual setting, this year was no different.

“We were thrilled to partner for the fifth year with the Speaking Associates Program for our first-ever virtual Senior Showcase,” says Katie Clark, director of the Center for Innovation and Leadership (CIL). “The CIL and Writing Center spent time this semester polling seniors to see if there was enough interest in running this program and were pleasantly surprised by the excitement and commitment of our students and their faculty advisers in this process. They have shown great resilience and persistence in completing their senior projects and theses and engaging in the showcase process.”

Participating students each had three minutes and one slide to present their work, which forced them to distill their research into a concise sound bite and explain their work to a more general audience. In total, there were 17 presentations, including a special dance intermission performed by Meena Chen ’21 with music by JJ Balisanyuka-Smith ’21. 

In order:

John Baek ’21, theater
Lux Barton ’21, honors educational studies
Dylan Clairmont ’21, honors linguistics and peace & conflict studies
Lia D'Alessandro ’21, biology and dance
Cameron Johnson ’21, history major, music minor
Momoka Keicho ’21, educational studies and linguistics
Peem Lerdputtipongporn ’21, mathematics and computer science
Lucas Pietrantonio ’21, engineering and computer science 
Yifan Ping ’21, honors sociology & anthropology and educational studies
Emma Ricci-De Lucca ’21, engineering and French
Twan Sia ’21, honors biology major, honors English minor, course chemistry minor
Parker Snipes ’21, honors economics and computer science
Sophia Stills ’21, history and political science
Samantha Wagner ’21, honors history and classical studies
Tiffany Wang ’21, honors history
Ariana Yett ’21, honors sociology & anthropology and chemistry

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