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Sabrina Stevens '07 Recognized for Education Reform Advocacy

Sabrina Joy Stevens '07

GOOD Magazine: The 2014 GOOD 100: Sabrina Stevens, Education Bullhorn

Sabrina Stevens ['07] recently infiltrated a meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative think tank and "bill mill," convening that day to draft new legislation favorable to what many education activists saw as a corporate, privatization-friendly agenda. Stevens stepped up to the mic and gave them a piece of her mind.

"I see a majority of private sector members in this body," she said, looking around the hall. "I also see a group of people who are not at all connected to public schools. ... I'm going to come out of the closet right now as a teacher. I'm sure that I'm not really well-represented in this room. ... I've got a huge problem, as somebody who's lived through the kinds of policies you guys are voting on behind closed doors today. I have a huge problem with how this process works."

Stevens, a Washington, D.C.,-based writer, education activist, and self-described troublemaker, is now the executive director of  Integrity in Education, a communications hub for public school advocates.


Sabrina Stevens graduated from Swarthmore with a B.A. in psychology and educational studies.  She tweets @TeacherSabrina.

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