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Rick Swartz: The Many Centers of Gravity in Immigration Reform

The Many Centers of Gravity in Immigration Reform

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With 11 million immigrants in an undocumented status, and the U.S. economy as hungry as ever for a flexible labor reserve in key sectors, the need for immigration reform has never been more urgent. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) introduced a bipartisan immigration reform bill April 16, 2013 in the Senate. Who are the supporters and opponents of the bill's key provisions? What forces are likely to be deployed in defense of immigrants' rights within the bill? Can the fragile compromise the bill represents ultimately be signed into law by President Obama? Why is comprehensive immigration reform so important for the United States at this point?

Rick Swartz is a political strategist with 35 years of intense experience shaping immigration policy and other issues in Washington by opening conversations among unlikely partners. He founded the National Immigration Forum in the nation's capital in 1982, leading to the formation of coalitions in support of the defense of immigration as a key element of the country's historical identity. He has advocated for the rights of immigrants in numerous cases and arenas. As a legal and political consultant for a variety of clients, Swartz seeks to shape the rules of engagement of major policy debates.

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