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Quasimodo in the Outback

A dance videography produced by Associate Professor of Dance Kim Arrow will be featured at the week-long Attakkalari India Biennial at the Attakkalari Center for the Performing Arts in Bangalore in early February. Shot mostly in Australia, his work (excerpted here) mixes dance, video, and live music in what one reviewer calls "a beautifully integrated ode to the primal dreamtime, flecked with concerns over the vulnerability of aboriginal culture and land." "I fully support a dance film festival with a diverse agenda," says Arrow, "including a commitment to socially responsible and issue-related work, as well as a mission of advancing current trends in technology-based choreography." Arrow will also participate in a seminar on digital dance production at the Biennial, a showcase of global movement arts with a special focus on works that incorporate new and emerging technologies in digital arts. Arrow, an accomplished dancer and choreographer, is the recipient of two Fulbright Fellowships and a Pew Fellowship in the Arts for choreography, among other awards, and has directed Swarthmore Taiko (pdf) since 2000. He joined Swarthmore's faculty in 1991.

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