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Praise for Student-Produced War News Radio

War News Radio
The War News Radio office in Lodge 6

War News Radio is "a mix of NPR, PBS, Newshour and 60 Minutes," according to USA Today correspondent Dan Reimold, who reviewed a recent episode for USA Today College.

Reimold shares four "fascinating facts" he learned about the world from listening to the episode "Changing Perspectives." The episode, hosted by award-winning reporter Caroline Batten '14 and Jason Clayton '16, covered a range of global issues including mainstream media coverage of gun violence to the ongoing military situation in Ukraine.

The four fascinating facts that Reimold discovered: 

1. At this very moment, "spy dolphins" are being trained to kill.

"In Clayton's words, "They actually knife enemy frogmen with blades tied to their backs." Now there's an image that's going to haunt my nightmares."

2. North Korea has a space program.

"As the duo shared on air, "Hilariously, it also spells the Spanish word 'nada,' which means, literally, nothing. Which maybe tells us something about North Korea's position in the space race."

3. All North Korean males may have to wear their hair like their supreme leader.

"As Batten and Clayton point out, the fact that many are willing to believe it speaks to the perceived lunacy of the country's ruler."

4. Water-skiing squirrels pay much better than urban gun violence.

"The worst shootings in this country tend to soak up nearly all of the news media's gun violence coverage - understandable on one level but misleading on another given that they account for "less than one percent of the shooting victims in America."

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Launched in 2005, War News Radio is an award-winning (here, here, and here) Swarthmore student production of radio and blog reports and commentaries on global conflicts and wars.

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