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Post-Election Reflections

The results of the 2020 U.S. elections will have far-reaching implications for American society – and even global society – for years to come.

In the videos below, eight Swarthmore faculty from a range of disciplines share their reflections on the results of 2020 U.S election. They include (in order) Assistant Professor of Sociology and Black Studies Nina Johnson on racial inequality; Richter Professor of Political Science Carol Nackenoff on the Supreme Court;  Professor of Political Science Dominic Tierney on the "Biden doctrine"; Assistant Professor of Economics Syon Bhanot on social media; Associate Professor of Philosophy Krista Thomason on our shared world; Professor of History Allison Dorsey on the necessary work ahead; Visiting Assistant Professor of Educational Studies Roseann Liu on racial equity and school funding; and Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology John Blanchar on the lack of shared reality.

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