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Peace Corps Official Kevin F.F. Quigley '74 Named President of Marlboro College

Kevin Quigley '74

The Commons Online [Windham County, Vermont]: Marlboro College Names New President

Marlboro College will have a new leader this summer.

Kevin F.F. Quigley ['74] steps in as the college’s president, bringing with him international experiences and a love of liberal arts education.

“Liberal arts education, especially in distinctive and academically rich settings such as Marlboro College, has a unique ability to anticipate change and prepare individuals for thoughtful, purposeful and effective engagement in the world,” said Quigley. “At its best, this education stirs a passion for life-long learning, encourages discernment and judgment, offers a global perspective, and fosters the motivation to make a difference.”

In an interview with WTSA News Director Tim Johnson, Quigley said he was excited to take the helm at Marlboro College.

The college, he said, is aligned with one of Quigley’s core values: to help young people “shape a life of purpose.”

Students learn to be independent thinkers and problem solvers, he said. Students also learn to work together to solve broad issues facing communities.

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At Swarthmore, Quigley graduated with a degree in literature, history, and religion and has served on the Board of Managers. He also earned advanced degrees from National University of Ireland, Columbia University, and Georgetown University. Quigley is the author of For Democracy’s Sake: Foundations and Democracy Assistance in Central Europe (Johns Hopkins University Press) and has published extensively on international and service issues. Listen to a recent campus discussion in which he shared "What I Learned from Trying to Change the World." 

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